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Ceramic Solutions for a Range of Applications – Ceramic Products

Taylor Ceramic Engineering caters to a vast array of industries and applications. We have the expertise and capabilities to design, retrofit and produce ceramic solutions to suit your specific requirements.

Provided below are examples of some of the parts that we have produced.

Alumina augers and trough liners

Augers and Trough Liners

In applications where augers are used for materials transport, wear is a factor. Taylor Ceramic Engineering can provide solutions to extend the wear life of both augers and trough liners.

Depending on the application and material passing over the auger, the auger structure can be manufactured predominantly from Ultra High Purity Alumina with a metal shaft insert, or can simply be tiled on the edge as in the case of an auger shoe.

In rare cases for specialty industries like microwave, the auger can be entirely manufactured from Ultra High Purity Alumina.

The troughs can be lined with Ultra High Purity Alumina tiles in whatever thickness is required and can also be manufactured to contour to the geometry of the trough.
wear resistant Alumina bearings

Bearings, Bearing Protection Sleeves and Shafts

Bearings are precision engineering components designed to facilitate movement in specific direction. Bearing assemblies made of metals tend to wear due to the rotating motion and loads on the bearing. The solution is ultra high purity alumina bearings.

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high purity alumina brick cores

Brick Cores, Sleeves, Die Boxes & Shaper Caps

In the heavy clay industry, brick and tile manufacture is coupled with significant challenges relating to the wear of processing equipment and materials transfer equipment.

In 1980 with these challenges in mind Taylor Ceramic Engineering developed the first ceramic lined extrusion die to be produced in Australia.

This can only be possible because Ultra High Purity Alumina is significantly harder and longer lasting than conventional hardened metals or tungsten carbide and even other lower grade ceramics.

With our advanced nett forming technology, a virtually unlimited range of shapes and lining configurations are possible yielding a product range that includes:

  • Auger Linings
  • Bridge Sleeves
  • Chute Liners
  • Core Buttons
  • Die Boxes
  • Gouging Tips
  • Pug Knives & Mixing Blades
  • Scraper Blades
  • Shaper Caps

Taylor Ceramic Engineering can also RETROFIT or REFURBISH current equipment to suit your needs.
High purity alumina crucibles & boats

Crucibles and Microwave Ware

Ultra High Purity Alumina Crucibles are almost essential for laboratory wear and microwave applications. The almost zero levels of impurity in the Alumina allow for low to zero contamination with the materials being examined. The Crucibles can also be used at elevated temperatures, approximately 1600°C for extended periods or 1800°C for shorter periods without failure of the vessel.

Ultra High Purity Alumina Crucibles are also ideal for highly acidic and alkaline conditions due to high corrosion resistance.

Also Ultra High Purity Alumina has high wear resistance naturally lends itself to being suited for mortars and pestles.

In microwave applications, the Ultra High Purity Alumina alumina is almost invisible to the microwaves, making it an ideal microwave chamber.

Taylor Ceramic Engineering specialises in all types of crucibles and microwave ware ranging from:

  • Crucibles - cylindrical, classic shaped, rectangular, square
  • Reaction boats
  • Trays
    Lids – can be supplied for all crucibles, reaction boats and trays
  • Mortars and pestles
  • Stirrers
  • Substrates
  • Furnace and thermocouple tubes
  • Equipment location spacers

We can also custom manufacture virtually any shape required for your application, with any number of holes, slots or other geometric or dimensional requirements.
Custom manufactured alumina impellers

Custom Manufacture & Fabrication

Taylor Ceramic Engineering has the ability to supply custom components specific to our customers’ needs. When one size doesn’t fit all, we are the team to ‘Taylor Ceramic’ to your exacting requirements.

Fans, rollers, battery making equipment spare parts, shower heads, slurry pump spare parts & throatbush inserts, guides, enclosure capsules for crocodile tracking equipment – we can manufacture the most unusual components.

We are happy to accommodate small, one off pilot plant designs through to production runs of millions, and can supply in short time frames or multiple deliveries.
Custom alumina-lined cyclones


A cyclone is a specially designed system used to separate materials using centrifugal forces. The materials fed into a cyclone are typically hard and the environment within a cyclone is inherently highly abrasive. Hence wear inside a cyclone is an operational hazard. Taylor Ceramic Engineering have the materials and expertise to be able to minimise wear of your cyclone linings and thus reduce downtime and increase efficiency.

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Alumina cylinders

Cylinders (Full & Partial)

Ultra High Purity Alumina cylinders can be used in numerous industries for an infinite number of applications to increase performance and wear life of equipment.

Whether its wear, corrosion, erosion or insulation that’s required; the simple shape of a cylinder may solve all your challenges.

The cylinder can be used with the internal surface as the working dimension, as in the case of bearings, furnace tubes, reaction vessels and protection sleeves or the external dimensions as in shaft liners or rollers.

Cylinders can be supplied in ‘as made’ dimensions or to tight tolerances of a micron or two for accurate fitting. Taylor Ceramic Engineering also has the ability to either machine or nett-form other intricate geometric requirements, please ask us today!
Alumina dart valve plugs

Dart Valve Plugs & Seats

Dart valve plugs and seats are used in fluid flow control devices and can be subject to harsh conditions such as wear, abrasion and corrosion.

The dart valve plug in particular can bear the brunt of the fluid flow so it’s important to use a material that’s up to the challenge.

Taylor Ceramic Engineering can provide Ultra High Purity Alumina retrofit parts for both dart valve plugs and dart valve seats to extend valve life and performance.
Alumina distributor spigots

Distributor Spigots, Spigots

Spigots are essentially cylinders or cones, usually with a flange on one end. They are often the joint between a pipe and another usually larger, pipe or a chamber.

Spigots are quite often subjected to situations of high abrasion and wear, and in some cases chemical corrosion depending on the solution used in the application.

Ultra High Purity Alumina is an ideal choice to extend spigot life and increase equipment performance and it can be used in both abrasion and corrosion situations concurrently. Replacement spigots can be custom manufactured if there are special design requirements, or off the shelf for more common designs.
Alumina electrical insulators

Electrical Insulators

Ultra High Purity Alumina is an exceptional material for electrical insulation or isolation requirements, particularly compared with currently used conventional ceramics such as steatite and porcelain.

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alumina knife edge blades for wine making

Knife Edge Blades

Knife edge blades are used in many applications such as cleaning rotary vacuum drum filters and conveyor belts, and slicing or scoring products.

They can last up to five times the life of the conventionally used tungsten carbide tipped blades.

In the wine industry, a greater sharp-life has enabled wine makers to produce vintages without shutting down to sharpen or replace filter blades.

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alumina mill linings

Mill Linings

In raw materials powder processing, it is often desirable to reduce the particle size of the required powder. There are a number of methods used to achieve this outcome, namely; attrition, ball and vibratory milling. In all instances the equipment usually consists of a chamber with a lining filled with grinding media (balls, short cylinders or rods).

The powder is fed into the chamber, and via various motions of tumbling, mechanical stirring or vibration the powder is effectively broken into successively smaller particles.

The rate of milling is determined by the relative hardness, size and specific gravity of the media and mill lining compared to the powder. To achieve particle size reduction more expediently, reducing milling times and conserving energy requirements, it is ideal to have high hardness and high specific gravity media and mill linings.

Ultra High Purity Alumina is an ideal ceramic for this application. Its high hardness and high wear resistance yields low wear rates for media and mill linings, transferring the energy into particle size reduction rather than contamination from wearing mill and media components.
high purity alumina nozzles


Nozzles are used in many industries for numerous applications, and often involve fluid or gas streams where high velocities are required. In fluid flow applications where particulates are concerned, most nozzles undergo significant wear over time.

Almost any nozzle in industry that is subject to wear can be manufactured from Ultra High Purity Alumina, including slurry, sampler, venturi injector and gas.

Most particles in a ‘wet’ or slurry situation are very suitable for Ultra High Purity Alumina.

The only instance where Ultra High Purity Alumina is not a suitable candidate is that of a ‘sand blasting’ type situation, where high velocity ‘sand-like’ particles can impinge and cause premature damage.

Nozzle apertures can be manufactured over a very large range of sizes, from sub millimetre to hundreds of millimetres with dimensional tolerances supplied as required.

Nozzles can also be fitted into threaded housings for easy installation into existing equipment and we can also RETROFIT or REFURBISH current nozzle housings for future use.
Alumina orifice and baffle plates

Orifice & Baffle Plates

Orifice and baffle plates are predominantly used in situations associated with materials flow. As such they are subject to abrasive, erosive and corrosive wear.

These conditions are ideal for retrofitting with an Ultra High Purity Alumina component, increasing component life and efficiency, saving you time, energy and budget.
Alumina reducers - round to square

Reducers (Concentric, Eccentric, Round-Square)

A reducer is usually required when joining pipe work of different sizes and geometries. It can be accompanied with significant abrasion; erosion and corrosion wear and is the perfect application for Ultra High Purity Alumina.

Reducers can be either concentric, where the centres of either end are in-line, or eccentric where one centre at one end is offset to the other.

Taylor Ceramic Engineering can manufacture both concentric and eccentric reducers in round-round, round-square or round-custom shapes.
Alumina rods and disks

Rods & Discs

Rods and Discs are required in various applications spanning numerous industries. The sizes available can range from a few millimeters to hundreds of millimeters, and can be nett formed with an ‘as made’ tolerance, or supplied with high specification tolerances.

Ultra High Purity Alumina is an exceptional material for use in the manufacture of these components; making use of mechanical properties such as electrical insulation properties and abrasion, erosion and corrosion resistance properties.
Alumina spacers tubes and washers

Spacers, Tubes & Washers

Spacers, tubes and washers are required in various applications spanning numerous industries. The sizes and cross sectional geometries available can range from a few millimeters to hundreds of millimeters, and can be nett formed with an ‘as made’ tolerance, or supplied with high specification tolerances.

Ultra High Purity Alumina is an exceptional material for use in the manufacture of these components; making use of mechanical properties such as electrical isolation, properties and abrasion, erosion and corrosion resistance properties.
Standard alumina wear tiles

Tiles (Standard, Engineered and Weldable)

Numerous industries have the need for wear resistant linings and virtually any equipment surface that has some type of contact with materials flow will undergo wear.

It’s important to have the highest quality and longest lasting material when lining wear surfaces to increase efficiency and longevity of equipment.

Taylor Ceramic Engineering can provide tiles of all shapes and sizes, for use in applications that operate at ambient or elevated temperatures.

The of tile shapes we provide include:
  • Hexagonal
  • Rectangular
  • Round
  • Square
  • Specialty & Custom Manufacture
  • Grooved, Ribbed & Textured

We are also able to custom manufacture the thickness of the tile to your requirements, meaning you’re not locked in to conventional stock-standard size ranges.

For applications where tighter tolerances or high quality surface finishes are required, we are able to achieve dimensional tolerances of up to a few microns and surface finishes equivalent to a polish.
Alumina tru arc wear pipes

Tru-Arc Linings, Pipe & Chute Linings

In processing plants there are numerous chutes and pipes that are responsible for materials flow. Over time, these chutes and pipes will begin to show signs of wear, particularly if installed without a wear resistant liner.

Chute and pipe linings may be replaced wholly with Ultra High Purity Alumina, or it may be the case that target wear areas can be singled out for replacement in order to provide an increase in efficiency.

Pipe and chute linings can be manufactured in monolithic, cylindrical or partially cylindrical linings and for more complicated geometries engineered tiles can be used. To prevent high wear areas such as chute corners from being gouged out prematurely, corner tiles can be manufactured with straight outer edges and a radiused internal surface.

For the most economical lining solution, flat or plain tiles can be installed. However, if the surface to be tiled is not flat, installation of these tiles will deviate from the geometry of the pipe or chute, leaving flat sections between joints rather than contouring to the shape of the pipe or chute.

Where materials flow is critical then contouring to the exact shape of the pipe or chute may be necessary. In this case Taylor Ceramic Engineering is pleased to design and engineer tiles and linings to suit your exact requirements.
alumina wire drawing guides and thread guides

Wire Drawing & Thread Guides

Wire drawing and thread guides are usually cylindrical in shape on the external dimensions with lead in and exit ends either tapered or radiused on the internal dimensions.

They can also take the form of wheels with channels or grooved surfaces.

The main industry challenge in this application is abrasion or wear, ideally suited to Ultra High Purity Alumina.

The wire or thread guide orifice or aperture can be manufactured over a very large range of sizes, from sub millimetre to hundreds of millimetres. Similarly the internal geometry and length of the guide can be custom designed for your application.

For applications or equipment requiring high precision, both the outer and internal dimensions of the guide can be machined to very high tolerances, and polished if necessary.

We can also refurbish and refit guides into existing housings for easy installation, and this can be done several times over the life of the housing.