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Bearings, Bearing Protection Sleeves and Shafts

Bearings are precision engineering components designed to facilitate movement in specific direction. They typically consist of a rotating shaft supported by a guide or locating component. Bearing assemblies made of metals tend to wear due to the rotating motion and loads on the bearing. This can also lead to bearings going out of specification which may impact the accuracy of your systems.

The solution is ultra high purity alumina bearings. The wear resistant nature of alumina increases your bearing’s lifespan, keeps them in tolerance longer, reduces downtime, thus increasing your productivity and efficiency.

Ultra High Purity Alumina Bearing for Optimal Performance and Longevity

Taylor Ceramic Engineering can supply ultra high purity alumina bearings that offer optimal performance and longevity. Their extreme hardness of ultra high purity alumina also eliminates the deleterious effects of dust, slurries and other minerals which can prematurely wear stainless steels and other traditional bearing construction materials.

Factors that make high purity alumina an ideal material to use for bearings include:

  • Excellent wear resistance
  • High thermal stability enabling it to operate to high temperatures
  • Loads applied are generally compressive which is ideal for engineering ceramics
  • Chemical inertness


Taylor Ceramic Engineering’s unique nett forming technology produces components that have good dimensional accuracy. However, where even tighter tolerances are required, they also offer machining services for the most precise fitments.

Bearing Geometries to Suit Your Application

Taylor Ceramic Engineering can provide Ultra High Purity Alumina solutions such as monolithic components for both the shaft and bearing, or even in some instances, tiles can be supplied to line complicated shaft or bearing geometries.

Other geometrical features such as:

  • Lubrication holes or channels
  • Location flats and
  • Keyways to prevent the bearing spinning during operation


Can all be easily incorporated in the bearing design.

Bearing Types Manufactured by Taylor Ceramic Engineering

TCE can manufacture a range of bearing types according to your requirements, These include:

  • Hanger or Split Bearings These bearings are usually made in halves. In the case of the hanger bearing, it usually sits underneath a shaft that is ‘hanging’ in the air and guides its path. Split bearings can be used where a shaft needs to be guided only partially or where the bearing needs to be fit over an existing shaft that is difficult to access.
  • Full or Cylindrical – These bearings are cylindrical in shape and are usually slid over the shaft before the shaft is affixed.
  • Flanged Bearings – These can be either hanger, split or cylindrical bearings with a flange at either or both ends.

Retrofits and Refurbishment of Bearings

Taylor Ceramic Engineering can also RETROFIT or REFURBISH current shaft and bearing components from previously scrapped assemblies.