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Taylor Ceramic Engineering

Enabling customers globally to reduce wear and corrosion; and to electrically insulate using the highest quality Alumina ceramic on the market. Learn more

DATsint Technology

Our proprietary DATsint Technology results in the best electrically insulating highest grade wear and corrosion resistant products on the market. DATsint’s superior electrical insulation properties provide superior electrical insulators compared with conventional ceramics.

Unique Nett Forming Ability

Our unique Nett Forming process eliminates the need for extra manufacturing steps like green machining – saving you time and money.

99%+ High Grade Purity

Our Ultra high Purity Alumina ceramic was developed to provide our customers with enhanced wear, abrasion and corrosion resistance and also outstanding electrical insulation properties compared to other lower grade ceramics on the market.

Quality Control

As one of the very first companies in Australia manufacturing monolithic Ultra High Purity Alumina, we’ve set the standard for quality and reliability supplying high quality components for over 40 years.