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Taylor Ceramic Engineering – About Us

Taylor Ceramic Engineering (TCE) was founded in 1967 and began manufacturing alumina ceramics in the mid 1970’s. They are one of the pioneers of alumina ceramics in Australia developing an enviable reputation for producing high quality engineering ceramic components.

With over 40 years of experience, TCE have become mainstays in the Australian market as well as supplying many international clients. During this time they have amassed a vast wealth of knowledge about technical, engineering and wear resistant ceramics.

Working with TCE gives you the benefit of this experience and expertise. Their clients have benefitted from TCE’s unique ability and understanding which allows them to engineer or re-engineer ceramic components that have resulted in performance and efficiency gains in real world manufacturing and production environments. These have ultimately resulted in increased profitability for their respective businesses.

Unique Technology

The ability to manufacture close tolerance engineering ceramic components is an art form. While many manufacturers produce components close to the specified dimensions, they often use pre or post-machining operations to achieve the final geometry and specifications.

TCE differ in that they have developed a unique net forming technology that allows them to negate the need for any machining, even for the most complicated and sizeable geometries. This reduces the manufacturing lead time and cost, while still producing highly accurate components.

TCE are also able to achieve components with high level accuracy using diamond machining processes where micron tolerances can be reached. They have in-house capabilities to perform all of these operations. This gives them a high degree of control over quality and processes. It also allows them to offer expedient turnaround times on your jobs.

This can also been seen in the beginning-to-end approach by TCE where everything from the starting raw materials, to the tooling manufacture, part manufacture, sintering and post sintering processes are covered in house. It reduces the delays between steps and increases the ability to provide high quality products in very short lead times as well as minimising cost.

If required, TCE can offer a Priority Manufacturing Service which can turn around components from tooling to despatch in a few weeks. Such lead times are almost unheard of in the current industrial manufacturing sector anywhere in the world.

Claims to Fame

Apart from being Australia’s longest standing manufacturer of engineering ceramics, TCE have many claims to fame including:

  • Produced the first ceramic knee, hip and shoulder prosthesis in the 1980’s. An example of the knee can now be found in the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia
  • Production of a femur (long leg bone) with a unique porous coating to allow natural bone ingrowth resulting in improved implant integration
  • Provided the first ultra high purity alumina ceramic ballistic armour vests to The Australian Defense Force
  • Manufactured parts for plasma engines in space shuttle projects
  • Re-engineered and supplied customised tiles and fixing mechanisms (including devising a unique formulation) for the Opera House in Sydney, Australia


Benefits for You

If you are having problems with wear, corrosion, erosion or electrical insulation let us work with you to provide a solution that overcomes your problems.

We can assist with:

  • Component design
  • Materials selection
  • Supply and manufacture


We can provide solutions that in many cases will outperform and outlast so called hard metals and tool steels. These will result in longer component life, reduced downtime and provide a more efficient operation.

TCE have already assisted clients in many different industries, offering original solutions and mind blowing performance gains.

Contact us now to see how we can help you.