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High Performance Alumina Electrical Insulators

Ultra High Purity Alumina is an exceptional material for electrical insulation or isolation requirements, particularly compared with currently used conventional ceramics such as steatite and porcelain.

Electrical Properties

In terms of electrical properties, Ultra High Purity Alumina compared to steatite or porcelain has:

  • A 2.6 times lower loss factor Tan δ – too high a tan δ can lead to excessive heating brought about by the incoming active power and thus to a shorter life time of the insulator
  • A Dielectric Constant of approx 1.6 times higher than Steatite – the dielectric constant affects how electronic signals move through the material; a high dielectric constant means this energy travels more slowly through the material
  • Higher Dielectric Strength – the value at which the insulator, when placed in an electric field will lose its insulating properties if the field exceeds a certain critical value
  • A lower Dielectric Loss – the proportion of energy lost as heat; the lower the dielectric loss the more effective the insulator


Mechanical Properties

In terms of mechanical properties, Ultra High Purity Alumina compared to steatite or porcelain has;

  • 2.6 times higher Tensile Strength – it will outperform in tensile stress situations, like three point loading situation and stress induced by vibrations
  • 5 times higher Compressive Strength
  • 3.4 times better Modulus of Rupture (MOR) – essentially the strength of the material
  • Better Thermal Shock Resistance – a higher tolerance for changing from cold to hot temperature situations


Operating Environments

Ultra High Purity Alumina is also suitable for higher temperature applications and generally has a limit of operation up to 1600°C. This, coupled with a high corrosion resistance makes it ideal for insulators, particularly those found in electrostatic precipitators which usually have operating conditions of high temperature, humidity and acid or alkaline conditions.

Ultra High Purity Alumina Configurations

Taylor Ceramic Engineering can supply insulators glazed or unglazed as required, although unlike conventional insulating ceramics, Ultra High Purity Alumina is not porous, making the glaze requirement of the insulator virtually redundant.

Insulators can also be supplied fitted into a housing or flange and as an assembly with any other metal components such as gaskets, bolts, nuts, or threaded shafts.

Retrofit and Refurbishment of Electrical Insulators

Taylor Ceramic Engineering can also RETROFIT or REFURBISH flanges or housings from previously scrapped inferior insulators.