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Alumina Wear Resistant Engineering Ceramic Solutions

Alumina (Al2O3) is arguably the most versatile of all engineering ceramics. Thanks to a range of beneficial properties such as extreme wear resistance, chemical inertness, and high temperature stability, alumina finds application in a wide array of industries.

Alumina is the prime candidate for replacing hard metals and tool steels where it provides lifespans many times greater. This translates into components that remain in tolerance for much longer as well as fewer  replacements and hence minimised downtime. This allows you to concentrate on production rather than maintenance.

Taylor Ceramic Engineering has been producing the highest quality alumina components for over 40 years and is uniquely placed to be able to assist you with your specific application

Key Properties

Al2O3 is characterised by properties such as:

  • Extreme hardness
  • Excellent abrasion and wear resistance
  • Chemical inertness – not attacked by acids or alkalis
  • High temperature stability – Can safely work at temperatures >1500°C
  • An electrical insulator
  • Biocompatibility


These properties are maximised by using ultra-high purity alumina. Optimised mechanical properties also rely in a microstructure that is uniform, fine-grained and has zero porosity.

TCE specialise in producing fully dense alumina ceramics with closely-controlled microstructures optimised for performance. Furthermore, proprietary DATsint nett forming technology eliminates the need for machining and hence the potential introduction of any surface flaws which could possibly compromise properties.

TCE can also supply Al2O3 components in purities down to 60%. However, properties will be related to the purity level selected.


Alumina’s excellent wear resistance has seen it used with great success in many demanding applications where other materials such as hardened steel, tools steels etc were simply not up to the task. Some of these applications include: